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Latvia Pavilion

Latvia Pavilion

THEME: The Technology of Happiness

PAVILION: The façade of the drum-like Pavilion will be comprised of over 100,000 translucent, colorful plastic sheets. These sheets will sway and sparkle in the wind, generating a kinetic effect that will attract the eye from all over the central square where the Pavilion will be located.

Latvia Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors will enter via a spiral staircase (symbolizing the continuing evolution of the human species) that leads to the third floor of the Pavilion. There, visitors will see exhibits on Culture, the City of Riga and Ecology. Videos will illustrate the roles of these elements in the Latvian urban experience. The centerpiece of the Pavilion, however, is a wind tunnel (constructed by the Latvian company Aerodium, who have built similar installations throughout the world) in which people will be flying at any given moment. Visitors can win the chance to take flight themselves by taking a quiz on interactive screens located throughout the Pavilion. Those who score highly enough will be escorted to the second floor where skilled instructors will teach them how to properly fly in the wind tunnel. The entire experience will be captured on DVD that will act as a souvenir that will not soon be forgotten. In the evenings, the world-famous Flying Latvian team will soar above the Pavilion using large wind turbines lashed to the Pavilion roof (also installed by Aerodium) that will take the breath away from Expo visitors throughout the site, accompanied by a rousing musical score and spectacular lighting effects.

CUISINE: A café that will sell both Latvian and Chinese dishes is located on the first floor of the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: Latvian exports and Pavilion souvenirs will be sold in a shop on the first floor of the Pavilion adjacent to the café.


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