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Finland Pavilion

Finland Pavilion

THEME: Well-Being, Competence and Environment

PAVILION: The Pavilion resembles a Finnish kirnu, a large bowl. The Pavilion employs a series of different textures to suggest different natural elements, from fish scales to coastal rocks. The kirnu is surrounded by a pond, giving the effect of floating on the water.

Finland Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors will enter the Pavilion and immediately as they come in on the left is an exhibit highlighting Helsinki as the World Design Capital for 2012. Some of these designs are available for sale in the Pavilion shop. Visitors then enter the inner courtyard, open to the elements, with a typical coastal rock in the center. Visitors will then ascend to the second floor where the welcoming area begins the exhibit in earnest. The first gallery shows the Finnish love for Sports, with bicycling and running as two of the sports displayed. Also on display are Suunto watches and Golla bags. A mural against the far wall shows an idyllic fantasy scene with large ball dandelions, bubbles and virtual Pavilion guides drifting in a lazy Finnish breeze.

Finland Pavilion

The next welcome area shows items for the living room and kitchen of the home, all designed by Finnish designers including Genelec, Secto Design, Durat and Oras. This leads to the first Exhibit Hall presented by Nokia. Innovations by the Finnish telecommunications giant are displayed, including their research on Green communications. A media wall of 200 Nokia cell phones will allow visitors to take their own pictures which will become part of the Pavilion display.

Finland Pavilion

Against the far wall, changing projections will utilize the bubble theme from the first mural to illustrate industry and innovation in the Finnish cities of Espoo, Helsinki, Oulu, Turku and Vanaa International Airport. The next installation displays the magic of Finland, from its breathtaking fjords, legendary trolls to its traditional role as the home of Santa Claus, all as interpreted by artists worldwide. The sauna, one of the national recreations of Finland, is given an exhibit, across from which a wall mural pays tribute to Lapland as the home of Santa Claus. On certain days during the Expo, visitors will get the rare opportunity to meet Santa Claus in person. Visitors will then enter the second Exhibit Hall, which will focus on the Finnish character. The exhibit begins with an examination of sisu, the trait of perseverance over adversity. A wall projection illustrates the green technologies of Finnish paper manufacture and water purification. The Finnish desire for growth, both culturally and individually, is also highlighted here. On their way out of the Pavilion, visitors can digitally sign a virtual guestbook in which they can select a Finnish scene as a background for their photograph.

CUISINE: There is a restaurant on the first floor next to the souvenir shop opposite the World Design Capital 2012 exhibit. Among the menu items, elk, reindeer, berries and vegetables will be among featured ingredients; Chef Petteri Luoto promises a menu that will place emphasis on fresh ingredients native to Finland.

SHOPPING: There is a small shop on the first floor on the far end of the World Design Capital 2012 exhibit where visitors can purchase items of superior Finnish design as well as Pavilion souvenirs.


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