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Denmark Pavilion

Denmark Pavilion

THEME: Wellfairy Tales

PAVILION: The white Pavilion is a double spiral consisting of a cycling lane and a pedestrian lane going up 12 meters and then down again. The all-white color represents the Danish sailing tradition and sits upon a lagoon made up of water transplanted from Copenhagen harbor.

Denmark Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors may choose either to walk up the ramps through the Pavilion interior, or use a bicycle provided free of charge as they are in Copenhagen, a city known for its biker-friendliness. Visitors enter the Pavilion past a small moat in which sits the Little Mermaid from Copenhagen Harbor. This statue of the beloved character from the Hans Christian Anderson fable is an iconic feature of Copenhagen and leaves the Danish capital for the first time ever.

Denmark Pavilion

The first exhibit in the Pavilion is Tales of How We Live, consisting of three short films by Danish filmmaker Martin de Thurah. The first, The Family City, exhibits how the culture and layout of Copenhagen make it possible for its citizens to spend more quality time with their families. The second, The Water City, examines the importance of water to Copenhagen for both transportation and recreation. The final film, The Bicycle City, shows the importance of the bicycle to Copenhagen urban life, and illustrates the environmentally friendly contribution the bike makes to the urban environment. Then next exhibit is Tales of What We Love, mainly consisting of photographs taken by world-famous Danish photographer Peter Funch. Each photograph shows a different essence of Danish life, cultural aspects that are not only central to Danish life but bring great joy to Danes as well as natural landscapes, industrial scenes and modern residences. The third gallery is Tales of Where We’re Going, free booklets that inform visitors of ongoing advancements in architecture, energy, water management, international trade, design, nutrition and leisure.

Denmark Pavilion

CUISINE: There is a restaurant on the roof serving traditional Danish dishes in picnic baskets for a taste of the Danish lifestyle that is tangible. There is also a bar on the first floor where visitors may try specialty beverages as well as Danish beer.  

SHOPPING: Danish goods and pavilion souvenirs are for sale at various kiosks throughout the Pavilion.


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