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Iceland Pavilion

Iceland Pavilion

THEME: Pure Energy – Healthy Living

PAVILION: The Pavilion exterior is meant to resemble an ice cube with its square structure and blue and white colors. The exterior is covered with a backlit printed fabric whose markings resemble that of glacial ice. The exterior walls on the main gate are made of rock lava, giving the entrance a three-dimensional appearance. The temperature inside the Pavilion will be kept at 21-22C, which is the average summer temperature in Iceland. The aroma of wildflowers, common in Iceland, will waft through the Pavilion.

Iceland Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Video display screens will convey information about Iceland, its economy and its use of green energies (such as geo-thermal energy) in everyday use. On the inside, visitors will make their way in past a reception desk behind which a cloth screen will show pictures of natural Iceland. Visitors will then go into the main exhibit, a room filled with projectors displaying scenes of glaciers, volcanoes, geysers and hot springs, all common in Iceland which is the most volcanically active country in Europe. Short films and amazing full room photographic displays will immerse the visitor, giving them the next best thing to actually being in Iceland. Throughout the Expo, musicians from Iceland will perform in the Pavilion. Icelandic musicians are justifiably gaining notoriety on the music scene worldwide in a variety of idioms, including rock, folk and classical. Icelandic music is typically heavily influenced by our natural surroundings.

Iceland Pavilion

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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