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Norway Pavilion

Norway Pavilion

THEME: Norway, Powered By Nature

PAVILION: The Pavilion is comprised of fifteen “trees,” constructed of wood and bamboo, each representing a different city in China and symbolizing the common building material of each nation. The roof is translucent, providing shade in the day and collecting solar energy and rainwater, creating a completely self-sufficient and self-sustaining building. 

Norway Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors enter the Pavilion into an antechamber, The Mist. Here visitors will pass through a virtual waterfall into the first of four exhibition galleries, The Coast. The Coast will explain how most of Norway’s population lives close to the coastline, and how energy is provided by the sea, sun and wind. Films here will introduce visitors to the Norwegian people and lifestyle.

Norway Pavilion

Visitors will then enter The City Forest, the next exhibition gallery. A variety of video panels will display the various means in which Norwegians bring nature to their cities. To the Norwegian people, nature is an integral part of life and is to be preserved, protected and enjoyed.

Norway Pavilion

The next gallery is The Fjord. Here, the crucial challenge of water management is presented. Access to clean drinking water is a basic human right and in Norway, technology is being developed to convert rainwater into clean drinking water. Examples of this technology are on display in this gallery but are also within use in the Pavilion, converting the rainwater of Shanghai into drinking water for visitors. After the Expo, the treatment system will be relocated to a rural village in India to create clean, purified waters for villagers who desperately need it. Also, a simulated waterfall is along one wall, with scenes of idyllic Norway projected onto the water. The water will collect into a stream in which fish will swim beneath the feet of the visitors. The final gallery is The Arctic; The Arctic is the global thermometer, with the ice pack slowly melting. It is tangible evidence that we have to change our ways in order to maintain an ecological balance otherwise the consequences will be devastating to our descendents. Norwegian researchers are leading the way along with scientists from throughout the globe to reduce greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions that threaten our planet.

Norway Pavilion

CUISINE: The Norwegian restaurant will serve such delicacies as reindeer, lamb and fresh fish flown in from Norway. Visitors will also get the opportunity to drink Aquavit, the national beverage of Norway which is about 40 percent alcohol. A tasting menu with 15 different types of Norwegian fish disshes is available. It is located at the Pavilion exit

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.


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