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Czech Republic Pavilion

Czech Republic Pavilion

THEME: Fruits of Civilization

PAVILION: The Pavilion is a large white building covered with thousands of ice hockey pucks, symbolizing the sport as the Czech national game.

Czech Republic Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The visit to the Pavilion is a visit to a fictitious city modeled after the Old Town of Prague in layout. Each “city block” contains a unique installation that covers an aspect of life in the Czech Republic. Visitors will see a portion of the Charles Bridge, the greatest open-air gallery of statues in the world. An actual bronze plaque from the bridge is on display for visitors to touch; this marks the first time the plaque has been outside the Czech Republic. It sits under a recreation of the statue of St. John of Nepomuk, which is where the plaque resides on the Bridge. With a representation of the Prague Castle in the background, visitors may take photos as if they were actually on the bridge. Useful Beauty will present Czech-designed armchairs and lights will be installed in a cubist-inspired landscape. The display is meant to present the relationship between idea and design.

Czech Republic Pavilion

Children’s Fantasy will allow children to design their own cities on an interactive nine-screen wall. One area will admit one guest only every 15 minutes. Inside the area is a display of pure gold. The emotions of the visitor will be measured and a personalized perfume, taken from 10 different ingredients, will be concocted. Kaleidoscope will show video fragments of 25 different Czech locations, each considered a national treasure. An amphitheatre will show examples of world-famous Czech animation, many of which have been nominated for or won prestigious awards. A Sense Refresher will help visitors overstimulated by Expo to relax and gather their wits. Czechoscope allows visitors to fly about the Czech Republic and see the symbiosis between the urban and rural environments. Visitors will actually sit in the cockpit of an ultralight plane and control their view by use of a joystick in the cockpit.

Czech Republic Pavilion

Metropolia is a vision of the future of cities, as well as the energy that will drive them. Nanos for Future illustrates the Czech nanofibre technology, the importance of nanofibres and their use in everyday lives.

Czech Republic Pavilion

Science for Life uses a representation of a laboratory to illustrate Czech advances in medicine and life science. Pulsating City uses special thermochromic materials to create a sculpture whose color reacts to temperature change. Symbiosis is a display showing the importance of nature in balance with an urban environment.

Czech Republic Pavilion

Czech Deco is a whimsical installation that uses porcelain animals in a stylized kitchen. Aura of Communication is a video display projected onto planetary structures. One World – Many Cultures is an animation projected onto a 5 meter-tall acrylic statue that is meant to resemble a rainforest liana. City and Fashion is a unique 3D presentation that will show the evolution of clothing in the Czech Republic. At the Pavilion’s exit, visitors will be able to record a message to the Czech people, many of which will be published online at the Expo’s conclusion.

Czech Republic Pavilion

CUISINE: Czechia is a restaurant where specialty dishes from the Czech Republic will be served.

SHOPPING: Visitors can buy Czech items as well as Pavilion souvenirs at the gift shop.


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