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Portugal Pavilion

Portugal Pavilion

THEME: Portugal: A Square for the World

PAVILION: The exterior as well as interior walls are decorated with cork, a recyclable and environmentally friendly material.

Portugal Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The Pavilion is divided into several “moments” as well as a central exhibition area. Visitors enter into a corridor which is the first Moment, depicting Portugal’s relationship with China and showing artifacts of Portuguese presence in China as well as short videos. Visitors then enter into the main theater, where a 6-minute film, “Portugal, a Plaza to the World” is played. This is the second Moment of the Pavilion.

Portugal Pavilion

The third Moment is Portugal, a World of Energy which contains displays on Portuguese advances in wind, solar and hydro energy. Included in the displays is a Portuguese smart car. The fourth and final moment is Portugal Today where tourism information can be obtained and the face of modern Portugal is seen. There are also several different displays including Bamboo Paradise which shows the importance of bamboo in urban construction and Window of the Future, which is a special tour of an eco-house of the future using technology that exists today.

Portugal Pavilion

Reservations need to be made for the Urban Forest display, which shows the importance of nature in the urban environment and ways in which nature can enhance the urban experience. The Road of Transformation shows the transition of Shanghai from closed to open society and finally the Ring of Warning is a video theater in which a three-minute video shows the challenges and consequences of urbanization.

Portugal Pavilion

CUISINE: There is a café and wine tasting area near the Pavilion’s exit.

SHOPPING: A shop carrying Portuguese products and Pavilion souvenirs is located at the wine tasting area.

Portugal Pavilion


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