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Armenia Pavilion

Armenia Pavilion

THEME: City of the World

PAVILION: The façade of the Pavilion is a modern, clean and sleek design, representing the architecture of the City of the World within.

Armenia Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The interior of the Pavilion is a circle within a square; at the center of the circle is a breadboard model of the City of the World. This project is the product of architects from around the world, and Armenia is a major participant in the project. Visitors are invited to submit their ideas for the City during the six month run of the Expo; the best ideas will be incorporated into the city’s final plans. Inside the Pavilion is also an Apricot Garden, which highlights one of the unique agricultural products of Armenia, as well as an exhibit on Gold and Silk which examines the warm relationship between Armenia and China and exhibits the products of Armenia’s master jewelers.

CUISINE: Visitors can sample the delicious apricots of Armenia in the Apricot Garden while enjoying the sounds of the Duduk flute, constructed from the wood of an apricot tree.

SHOPPING: There is a small shop in the interior of the Pavilion selling Armenian products as well as Pavilion souvenirs.

Note: This Pavilion was located in Europe Joint Pavilion II


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