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Bulgaria Pavilion

Bulgaria Pavilion

THEME: City of Shared Heritage

PAVILION: The Pavilion has a modernistic look, utilizing two streets and a square to depict the urban environment of Bulgaria, yet displaying ancient treasures to give the entire Pavilion the look of a modern museum.

Bulgaria Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Visitors enter past a reception desk and into various displays of the Caspian Sea resorts of Bulgaria, the capital city of Sofia and the city of Plovdiv, an ancient city where many remains of the ancient Thracian civilization can be found. In fact, beautiful golden jewelry from that era are on display near the center of the Pavilion. In the very center is the recreation of a typical Bulgarian town square, with outdoor café and park benches for visitors to sit and enjoy the experience. A representation of the Lyvdov House, a prime example of architecture in the Bulgarian Renaissance style, sits on one side of the square. There is a display on the Etar Architectural and Ethnological Complex, an outdoor museum using existing buildings of social and historical significance to educate visitors to the Bulgarian way of life in ancient, historic and modern times. The display on the town of Tryavna showcases the charm of a 19th century Bulgarian town with museums on the renowned woodcraft of Bulgaria as well as locally famous landmarks. A photograph of the Rila Monastery dominates the back wall; it is one of the largest monasteries in Europe. In the center square, performances of Bulgarian music and dance occur periodically on a small stage. The final display area depicts the modern aspects of Bulgarian architecture and culture, with displays on the new National Assembly building and the burgeoning popularity of Bulgaria as a tourist destination. Embedded screens in the walls show films and videos of Bulgarian urban development, history and cultural integration.

Bulgaria Pavilion

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.

Note: This Pavilion was located in the Europe Joint Pavillion II


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