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Jamaica Pavilion

Jamaica Pavilion

THEME: Jamaica Bold Energy

PAVILION: The Pavilion captures the maze-like streets of Kingston and the beauty of the Jamaican countryside. Flowering plants and palm trees at the entrance entice visitors into the Pavilion with their tropical scents.

EXHIBIT: A water feature and flowers greet visitors at the entrance, showing Jamaica’s standing as the Land of Wood and Water. The entrance arch reflects the Georgian architecture ubiquitous in Jamaica. The yellow pathway on the carpet guides visitors through the exhibit. In the first section on Tourism, wall-to-floor photographs capture the natural beauty of Jamaica and its people. This section is hosted by the Jamaican Tourism Board. At the nearby reception desk, brochures and other information is made available to visitors interested in their own Jamaican adventure. The cultural section includes a stage where reggae music and traditional Jamaican folk dances will be performed. Displays show off the cultural traditions of this island nation. One wall shows off sports heroes of Jamaica including Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt. Finally, a display on Jamaican products shows the possibilities of trade with this island paradise.

CUISINE: Samples of Jamaican’s world-famous Blue Mountain Coffee are available for some visitors to taste.

SHOPPING: There is a gift shop available as you exit the Pavilion.

Note: This Pavilion was located in the Caribbean Community Joint Pavilion


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