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Canada Pavilion

Canada Pavilion

THEME: The Living City: Inclusive, Sustainable, Creative

PAVILION: The Pavilion is shaped like a giant letter “C” to symbolize Canada. Visitors will enter through the open-air courtyard where frequent performances will be held, then proceed into the main exhibition building. The creative minds behind Cirque du Soleil helped design the Pavilion. The Pavilion outer wall is constructed with Canadian red cedar planks.

Canada Pavilion

EXHIBIT: Entering through the courtyard, visitors will be treated to performances by Cirque du Soleil throughout the day, as well as other Canadian performers. A green wall of evergreen seedlings will act both as a backdrop and as a bio-filter, producing clean air. Visitors will then ascend an open-air ramp past a reception area where friendly Canadian staffers will give them a first-hand experience of Canadian warmth and helpfulness. In the exhibition area, visitors will be dazzled by a 3D building model, on which a film will be presented showing the various aspects of Canadian life, from their rabid ice hockey fandom to their technical innovation to their cultural assimilation.

Canada Pavilion

Directly opposite is a virtual waterfall, the pictures projected on which will change whenever visitors touch the stream. The waterfall will depict future Canadian cities as envisioned by Canadian children.

Canada Pavilion

At the next exhibit, visitors will sit on stationary bikes and pedal their way through a whimsical animated fantasy landscape inspired by actual Canadian innovations and programs. Visitors will then enter a theater with a 180 degree screen on which multiple projectors will screen “Glimpses,” a film illustrating life in the Great White North.   

Canada Pavilion

CUISINE: The Pavilion restaurant is operated by Julie’s Bistro, a well-known eatery in Shanghai.

SHOPPING: There is a gift shop visible from the courtyard which sells Pavilion souvenirs and Canadian goods including Inuit carvings and a selection of Canadian ice wine.


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