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Peru Pavilion

THEME: Food Breeds the City

PAVILION: The exterior of the Pavilion is decorated with bamboo rods which allow the sunshine to pass through the gaps.

EXHIBIT: The main exhibit of the Pavilion concerns the cuisine of Peru and how it has elements of Inca, French, Chinese and Indian cuisines, and how also it has come to influence global cuisine as well. In the center of the Pavilion is a structure within a structure based on the Incan huaca, a flat-topped pyramid.

Inside visitors will experience a 360 degree audiovisual presentation that will introduce them to Peru’s main historic and tourist sites, as well as some lesser known ones that are deserving of recognition on a global stage.

There are also five art installations, each representing a different aspect of Peruvian civilization both ancient and modern. One two-sided, triple-paneled wooden frame depicts the rain forest, with an Amazonian shaman on one side and a closed-eyed woman on the other representing the fragility of nature. There is also a water sculpture representing an ancient Incan irrigation system, as well as an intricate wooden sculpture depicting the Incan worldview. An exhibition room displays artifacts in an environment meant to resemble the inside of a truck, symbolizing the migration of people and products throughout Peru. Finally, inside the Huaca is a small room called Peru Now, where computers show the innovation of modern Peruvian programmers and show a model of a 3D virtual internet being developed in Peru.

CUISINE: The Peruvian Kitchen is the name of the Pavilion restaurant, located against one wall of the Pavilion and separated from the rest of the exhibit by the same bamboo panels visible on the outside of the Pavilion. Included on the menu are shrimp ceviche, pork adobo, skewered beef and chicken, seafood and rice, roast pork, flan and tres leches mousse. The restaurant is staffed by Peruvian chefs who will be staying in China for the duration of the Expo. At the Expo’s conclusion, the restaurant will be moved to a location in Shanghai where it will continue to provide an experience of Peruvian cuisine to the people of Shanghai.

SHOPPING: Outside the huaca there is a marketplace where visitors may purchase clothing made of alpaca fibers and 100% Peruvian cotton as well as jewelry, dolls, toys and Pavilion souvenirs.


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