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So what is weird really? Is it something that’s so far out of the norm that we label it as “weird” and move on, preferably slowly without turning our back to it? Or is it just a little different than what we’re used to, not really a bad thing just…different?

I don’t know what weird is. I guess I’m weird that way. Some people think that people who make strange hand gestures at inappropriate times are weird (but there’s a neurological explanation for that). Some people think that people who like French films are weird but I consider that just open-minded. Some people think that those who live in their bedrooms, online until the wee morning hours or even until dawn’s early light are a little weird – I just call ’em gamers.

The truth is we’re all a little bit weird. We can’t help it. If we weren’t, we’d all be the same and how boring would that be? I’ll be the first to raise my hand and say “HERE” in a loud and proud voice when the roll call comes for the very weird. I admit it without reservation that I’m stranger than most. I read. I write. I don’t accept what I’m told at face value. I don’t trust those who tell me they have my best interests at heart when they are wealthier than I am. I don’t have a lot of faith in a church that tells me that birth control is wrong, abortion is wrong but supports candidates that slash programs that benefit children and orphans (not to mention covering up for pedophiles within their ranks). And why are old white men who are supposedly abstinent making decisions about women’s bodies anyway? I think that’s just weird.

Weird is not in my world. Weird is my world. I turn my back on popular music, popular movies. Not that I hate those things – if you find meaning in the music of Lady Gaga and Flo-Rida, there is nothing wrong with that in the least. If you  think that the Transformers series are the best, the coolest movies ever made, have at ’em. I just look for something more, something different as a personal choice. That’s right, I choose to be weird.

Now there are those who use weird as a bad word, who torment others by calling them weird and strange. People point their fingers at those who are different than ourselves. It’s the pack mentality; we all want to belong to the pack and so when someone patently refuses to be, there must be something wrong with them, right?

Wrong. Some just march to the beat of their own drummer and that’s quite all right. In fact, most of the innovation that has taken place to make our lives better have come from people just like that – those who refused to think inside the box and discovered that there were things outside the box that could make life better for the whole lot of us. Weird is good, it seems.

Yeah, sometimes I say inappropriate things. Sometimes I try too hard. I don’t always have the right answers. That might make me weird, but I think that just makes me human. All of us float in that boat, brother. We all wonder if we’re really all right, if we’re liked, if we’re okay. Do I really fit in? Or are they just being polite? Have they seen through my facade and seen the screw-up that is the real me? These are the thoughts that haunt me late at night as I stare at the sleepless ceiling, wondering how the hell I got where I am. I think that I’m not alone with those thoughts; I suspect that many of us share them.

So is weird the new normal? Nope; that would be redundant. Weird is what it is – seeking the different, the unknown, the yet-to-be-experienced. Weird has an open mind and an open heart, seeking new things and different horizons. Then again, to someone like me, someone who stays in one place, never travels and stays in a comfort zone their entire life is weird. Weird is a matter of perspective – because that comfort zone individual probably views someone like me with great suspicion. Why not be happy with what you have after all?

Good question – but equally good is the answer “Why should you be?” There isn’t any guidebook to life other than the one we write ourselves. Those things that delight us should be things we aren’t ashamed of. Feel the urge to dance around the room? By all means do it! Expressing ourselves through dance, through speech, through art…however we feel most comfortable should be a part of our daily routine, assuming we have one.

We use weird as a means of differentiating what others do that we don’t necessarily “get,” or at least think of as a viable option for ourselves. People who walk around wearing black clothes, pale foundation and black lipstick (guys and gals both) might be waving a red flag to those who don’t have any interest in the Goth movement but that doesn’t make it any less valid than the style of those who shop at Urban Outfitters and wear hoodies and loose pants that look like they’re about to come a’tumblin’ down.

The point is, weird isn’t a bad thing. What we think of as normal is sure to be regarded with suspicion and distrust by somebody else. You may be obsessed with frogs; have them all over your heart – pictures, figurines, mobiles, calendars, coffee cups, refrigerator magnets. I might think that’s a little weird, but I’d be wrong – it’s just you. And you might find my love for ice hockey a bit oddball, particular down here in football country, but it’s just me. And I’m fine with that.


3 Responses

  1. This is a well written, interesting blog…thanks for posting it.

    While I agree with most of what you say and accept and will defend your right to say those things I don’t agree with, I would like to suggest one thing about your understanding of the (I am assuming you meant the Roman Catholic) Church’s teachings on contraception, abortion and related issues.

    Take some time to actually look at the logic and rational behind the Church’s teaching. It may not convince you to believe as they do, but it should get you past believing it’s merely the whim of some “old white men…”

    It’s what an open-minded, open hearted weirdo should do. 😀

  2. Living in Pennsylvania, I don’t often use the word “weird.” I can relate to every word you wrote however, with the exception/substitution to the word “crazy.” I concur with your statements fully. You must be “weird” and/or “crazy” to live and function in this messed up world today, If not, it would surely bring you to that state anyway. Thanks for sharing, Carlos!!!

  3. the oxford pocket dictionary, yes some still exist, says weird means one’s destiny dree one’s weird, connected with fate, unearthly, supernatural, queer( strange, odd eccentric, to clarify),and incomprehensible.today it means a box for those unwilling to think it out and judge on their own. I love your writing.

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