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We are at a convergence, a place where historic tides have swept us to a place where things can go in either direction. Our vote this November will do one of two things; swing the country into a conservative direction or hopefully, turn the tide back to a liberal path.

I know a lot of conservatives think that President Obama is some sort of anti-Christ who has bankrupted the country with his socialist policies but that simply isn’t so. The facts are there; the economy has improved in his four years – apparently it hasn’t improved enough. It took a hell of a lot longer than four years for us to get into the situation we’re in and it is going to take longer than four years to get us out – then-Senator Obama warned as much during his 2008 campaign which, I imagine most conservatives ignored since it didn’t come from Bill O’Reilly.

We are at a tipping point, not just with our economy but with our environment. The United States remains the lone major global power to have taken no steps to reduce carbon emissions and help combat the climate changes that are now fact, although some conservative pundits continue to deny that it is taking place even as we come off the hottest summer on record, even though the polar ice caps are at 25% of what they were twenty years ago, even though 99% of all scientists who study planetary climate have come to agree that the climate change we are experiencing is largely man-made in nature. Neither candidate seems to be leaning in the direction of joining the world community in trying to preserve our planet for our children and their descendents, which to me is scandalous. It’s outrageous and in fact criminal. I wish there were a gutsy lawyer who would be willing to sue the government for failure to act, naming the United States Congress, the President and maybe a few dozen corporations and PACs who have consistently thwarted pro-environmental legislation. I hear Al Gore used to be a pretty fair lawyer at one time.

Our country needs to get its head out of its ass – not just the politicians but the people. Too many people have no clue what’s going on and get all their information from Fox News, internet blogsites and other spurious sources. As Americans, we have a responsibility to not only vote but vote responsibly. That means taking a few moments out of our busy days posting on Facebook, playing videogames, blogging about nothing and generally wasting time and actually read.

That’s right, read. Use your brain – that big grey thing inside your skull that you don’t like using. There are plenty of places to find information, some of it even broken down into easy-to-understand terms  – sites like moveon.org, facts.org, factcheck.org and whitehouse.gov/omb (the site of the non-partisan Office of Management and Budget which analyses the real fiscal impact of legislation) among others.

But most of us aren’t willing to do that. It takes too much time. It’s inconvenient. I’ve already made my mind up. Yes, all those sixty second sound bites are plenty of information to make up your mind, aren’t they Jethro? But the reality of it is too many people in our country are ignorant. Too many people look down upon education as something to be regarded with suspicions. Too many people think that it’s much easier to be told how to vote rather than to think for themselves. Too many people don’t deserve the liberty and freedom that they have – which is why they are losing it, bit by bit, piece by piece, ay by day.

Well, I deserve mine. I and a lot of people who take the time to figure out who to vote for and not because some talking head on television told us to. I’m not voting for Obama because I’m a Democrat and so is he – I’m not voting for him because Bill Maher said I should either. I’m certainly not voting for him because Fox News thinks I shouldn’t – although that’s tempting.

No, I’m voting for him because I’ve taken the time to look up what he’s accomplished, what he wants to accomplish and what he might have accomplished had not Republicans turned his first term into a filibustering circus, blocking bill after bill, many of which would have created hundreds of thousands of jobs. I’m voting for him because Romney and Ryan’s plans – those of them they’ve chosen to share – are going to be devastating for the middle class and for the environment. The jobs that Romney intends to create will be at the expense of the environment. He intends to do more drilling, particularly in places where drilling is forbidden, for oil. That will create thousands of jobs all right – and wipe out entire national parks. And when that oil runs out? We’ll still be in the energy mess that we’re in now, only worse – we’ll have lost valuable time to develop clean, environmentally friendly renewable sources of energy. Even worse we’ll have gone past the point of no return when it comes to saving our planet from climatic disaster.

We have reached a convergence of points and everything points to election day as a day that will have dramatic ramifications on generations to come. But don’t listen to me – decide for yourself. That means not listening to the other side either – go and search out the facts for yourself. Besides the places I’ve mentioned, there are plenty of non-partisan think tanks that have websites that will give unbiased analysis of the positions of the candidates and what they think the ramifications of those policies will be if enacted. You might open your eyes – and you might just start doing something no government really wants its citizens to do. Think for yourselves, that is.


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  1. There are turning points in history where doors close and your comments address that. Very few times are we aware that the door is is closing as now. Time to man the ramparts. Do you believe in truth or lies?

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