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Australia Pavilion

Australia Pavilion

THEME: ImagiNation

PAVILION: Featuring sculptured curving walls and a red ochre exterior, the Australia Pavilion is inspired by the world famous Ayer’s Rock. The color of the Pavilion’s red façade is made from the use of a special kind of steel which is commonly used in Australian cities. It will change color responding to the temperature and humidity of Shanghai.

Australia Pavilion Show

EXHIBIT: The Pavilion is a fun and relaxing place for visitors of all ages. Divided into three distinct but inter-related sections labeled “Journey,” “Discover” and “Enjoy,” the Pavilion incorporates almost every aspect of Australian life. These include a spectacular landscape, a strong and vibrant economy, rich culture, technological expertise and innovation, outstanding research and education, and Australia’s commitment to sustainable development. In the first section, “Journey,” visitors are allowed to leave behind the bustle of the Expo site as they are drawn into a story depicting Australian history with interactive and sophisticated exhibits and pictures. “Journey” is divided into five exhibition spaces. The first one visitors will see as they enter and begin to ascend the ramp that circles around the Pavilion is “Bedrock,” a celebration of the indigenous culture combining traditional and modern arts. The installation pieces were developed by indigenous artists from Maningrida in the Northern Territory. Next, visitors will arrive at “Sisters”, which looks at the contributions of Australian women to not only Australian culture and development, but also on a global level. Mini-documentaries will be projected on various video screens in this exhibit linking women of diverse backgrounds and creating an emotional response in the visitor. Next is “Nation,” an impressive and light-hearted look back at the history of Australia shown with typical Aussie humor through caricatures, physical displays and large-scale illustrations. “Land” is all about where we live, with a visual display shaped like a wave that morphs from stone and acrylic to steel. Finally, the last exhibit in “Journey” is “People” which exposes visitors to Australia’s multicultural society through portraits of ordinary Australian people and everyday Australian life. Visitors will then wait in a preshow area which marks the beginning of “Discover,” in which videos will show scenes of Australian culture and prepare visitors for the main themes presented in the main theater. There, visitors will be treated to a spectacular multi-media event, with video and animatronic presentations at a theater-in-the-round. Although the show is presented in Mandarin, visitors can get translation headsets at the reception area just as they enter the Pavilion. After the show, visitors will enter “Enjoy” where they can experience the Aussie lifestyle and landscapes for themselves in our three-story atrium.

Australia Pavilion Interior

CUISINE: Excellent Australian food and wine will be available in our dining area just outside the gift shop in the “Enjoy” section. The menu is meant to reflect Chinese sensibilities of cuisine using Australian ingredients and flair.

SHOPPING: In the third section, “Enjoy,” visitors will enjoy high quality shopping opportunities in our retail shops, which will feature the finest in Australian goods as well as souvenirs from the Pavilion.

Australia Pavilion Interior