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Poland Pavilion

Poland Pavilion

THEME: Poland is Smiling

PAVILION: The design of the Pavilion, appearing to be a folded paper box, is inspired by its folk art of paper cut-outs. During the daytime, the exhibition hall will be filled with light filtering through paper-cutting patterns; at night it will shine with different colors and leave a deep impression on visitors.

Poland Pavilion

EXHIBIT: The chief conception of the Pavilion consists of three parts: human, creativity and city, through which the emphasis is on the human element being the most important one in cities. This year marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of Polish national icon and beloved composer Frederic Chopin, and one exhibition area will be devoted entirely to him. Visitors here will walk in both the real and virtual worlds. The application of multi-media projection will create a special exhibition, and display the profound history and cultural foundation that affect Chopin and contemporary citizens that live in Polish metropolises. Visitors will enter down a fairy-tale like passageway that further enhances the outer Pavilion design of paper cut-outs. Video screens placed periodically will present an introduction to Poland and her people. Delightful images will be projected, not only highlighting the cut-out elements but adding whimsical touches here and there. In the first gallery is a large screen where a paper dragon will cavort. The dragon, symbol not only of China but of ancient Polish monarchs, will talk and sing; there is also a place for Visitors to sit and watch the dragon’s doings. The Poland Design area will display articles of Polish daily life; furniture, fashion, paintings and groceries. Visitors can see how a typical Polish home looks. One section is designed for young people, and the other is for older people. This area will display Polish designs and technical solutions for a more convenient city life. One exhibition area will be devoted entirely to Chopin, his music and his life. The section entitled Humans Create Business will display the possibility of economic cooperation and investment.

Poland Pavilion

CUISINE: In the Pavilion restaurants, visitors can taste delicious Polish food and also exports such as cheeses, frozen meat, honey wine, vodka, candies, mushrooms and apples. They can also taste Chinese cuisine made with Polish ingredients. Windows of the restaurant will house typical Polish scenery; for example wild oxen in old Bialowieza Forest and mountain scenery in Zhakerp. 

SHOPPING: The souvenir shop offers products that promote Poland to evoke good feelings in visitors and help them form a connection to Poland. Some products are connected to Chopin, edifying Chinese visitors about the life of this great musician.