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United Arab Emirates Pavilion

United Arab Emirates Pavilion

THEME: The Power of Dreams

PAVILION: The UAE Pavilion is a golden sand dune inspired by the country’s desert. The outer covering of the Pavilion is gold-colored stainless steel. It’s undulating roof, looking like it’s been shaped by the wind, makes the Pavilion shimmer and change colors, reminding visitors of the Middle Eastern country’s various natural environments. The shape of the Pavilion is in response to Shanghai’s weather. It protects against the direct glare of the city’s summer sun but allows indirect light to enter the Pavilion via louvers. Visitors approach the entrance of the Pavilion by a walkway that follows a stream of water towards the entrance.

EXHIBIT: Taking a virtual journey, visitors may begin to understand the people of the UAE who have created life in the desert and have learned from their forefathers how to create shade, to escape the heat and to survive in a harsh environment. Along the path, flower beds and trees are everywhere, creating a scene of fantasy alien to the dunes. In the first section, deserts comprised of sands in red, golden and white colors, the ups and downs of hills, a scattered oasis ringed with camel bells and boats with glimmering sails on the ocean are all staged in a video, which reminds us of what an important role the natural environment and wildlife play in the culture and lifestyle of the UAE. In the second section, Legendary Land, creative film producers will intoxicate visitors with a fantastic journey. In this legendary land, primeval tropical desert is next to modern skyscrapers. Visitors will be enthralled by the perfect combination of past and present seeing year-round sunlight, clean beaches, dunes, merchants on camel back, spice markets, oases, golf courses, sand skiing, diving, water skiing, parachute jumping and fishing all at the same time. In the third section, visitors will be treated to a preview of the world’s first Zero Carbon City, currently under construction near Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital. Visitors can hop on a PRT to the office in the morning, turn on an air-conditioner powered by solar energy, taste a salad with vegetables irrigated by recycled water and take a shower with solar-powered desalinated seawater. All of these technologies are expected to be integrated into everyday use in ZCC. With sunlight so abundant in the desert, solar power will become ubiquitous and the UAE will lead the way in more efficient ways to harness it. In Zero Carbon City, citizens will receive door to door service from intelligent autonomous electric cars. Resources are precious and must be cherished, energy will be taken into full use, the environment will be protected and life efficiency will be largely enhanced. Finally, do not forget the interactive game zone after visiting the exhibit in which lucky winners will be offered a visit to the UAE to continue their own personal journey to see this wonderful land for themselves.

CUISINE: There is no dining area listed for the Pavilion.

SHOPPING: There is no specific shopping facility listed for the Pavilion.